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A CFNM Story with Ms. Harper

Sometimes the best way to experience a kink or fetish is through storytelling. After all, people have been using stories to spread information and entertain one another ever since we discovered fire! Erotic storytelling can be a great way to both learn something new...

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Mutual Masturbation Cocktease

Hello, cocktease playmates! Beta males and submissives have been so indulgent in their admiration for Me. And I know many of you would love to be able to fuck Me. Aside from those of you who have a cock the looks and size of which I like, and the stamina to go with...

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Important Note about Gifts for Mistresses

Effective Immediately, gifts sent to the LDW address will no longer be forwarded to the intended recipient.  Instead, they will be returned at the sender's expense. We know you like to shower your Mistress with gifts and you can still do that. Check with your Mistress...

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Body Worship to Give You Big Blue Balls

Body Worship for Mistress What better way to give you big blue balls this No-Nut November than to give you a guide on how to worship the body of your mistress. This will certainly drive you crazy, especially if you are still going strong from Lock-tober. I’ll go over...

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No Guarantee from a Pricktease

You know how usually, we offer a no questions asked guarantee on all phone sex and sexy texting sessions? Oh, you didn't? Well, we do, and it's pretty awesome. You'd love it, I'm sure, if you weren't calling an unrepentant cock tease like myself. See, I don't offer...

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Anal Tease

I do love to see you squirm like a skewered slut. Your moans and sobbing cries for release, and watching your struggles to accept the intrusion into your ass, all turn me on! That's why I love to give you a good anal tease, before I finally give you what you really...

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