Teasing Your Cock with the Midas Touch

Cock Teasing with Mistress ErinI’m Mistress Erin and the guys I play with say I have “The Midas Touch”. That is very flattering of course, and I try to translate this to phone sex sessions. I guide you on the course of how I would tease your cock with my...

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Hot Body Cock Tease

I am Hot and I Know It Ohhhh, I love to tease a cock that gets hard looking at my awesome bod. You have seen my awesome bod I think. If not, go to my blog and choose the photo page and get blown away. Princess Britany is a hair under six feet...

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Cock Tease Tag Team

Cock Teasing Together: A Cock Tease Tag Team I know when you read the name "Cock tease" you think we are going to tease your cock, right? Well, what if we put a spin on that cock teasing and take it to another level. How about, together, we...

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Mindfuck Yourself

"Here, cocky cocky cocky. Come see Mistress Daphne. She has something naughty for you to do." Wouldn't you love to have a lover say things like that to you? How could you get someone to control your dick in a relationship that does not sustain...

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