I’ve got a burning question on my mind and I desperately need an answer. You see, I’ve recently discovered that some people don’t enjoy erotic teasing. Can you even imagine? There are people out there who’s brains are so porn-poisoned that they just grip it and jerk off as fast as they possibly can and have their little spurt and are all done for the day. Two minutes, at most! What sort of a pleasure opposed dumb-ass do you have to be to deliberately go out of your way to ensure that every time you masturbate it kinda sucks? So that’s my question: why don’t you like to take your time?!

Erotic Teasing Increases Pleasure

I’m a hedonist down to the bone. I do not believe in short changing myself or anyone else on pleasure and good things in life. I firmly believe if something is worth doing it’s worth doing it right and taking your time with it. That goes double, no, triple for erotic teasing and masturbation instructions! Sure, sometimes you need a quickie to take the edge off, so you’ll last longer later on, or maybe just so your horny brain will stop distracting you. But those are fringe cases, minority circumstances that shouldn’t be your every day routine! If you’re spending the least time possible on your own personal pleasure where else are you shortchanging yourself in life? Because I bet you’re cutting yourself off from other avenues of pleasure, too.

The Importance Of Taking Things Slow

Modern life will have you convinced that you need to be on the hustle 24/7, all go go go and no downtime. That way lurks burnout and exhaustion when you inevitably discover that if you don’t stop and take a break to refill your fuel tank eventually you run out. Recovery from burnout takes longer than just taking the time each day to renew yourself and treat yourself well. This is why long, slow, indulgent erotic teasing sessions are so vital! If you’re looking to min/max your output, schedule yourself at least a half hour of personal time in which you get to just breathe and touch and feel the pleasure running through you. If you’re regularly a two minute wanker, a half hour will feel impossibly long. But trust me on this, you’ll learn to slow down and savor a good cocktease, and, as a bonus, your partnered sex life will improve too!

Solo Masturbation Makes Partnered Sex Better?!!

I said what I said! If you’re doing it right, your solo masturbation can make your partnered sex better. Sadly, most people who wake and wank and get it done in under five minutes are not doing it right. The way you masturbate teaches your brain how to reach orgasm and programs your sexual responses to react to your habitual methods. Super tight grip, really fast might work to get you off, but when it comes time for you to have sex with a woman, you’re going to be very disappointed and so will she. Pussies don’t grip your dick as tight as your fist does, and if you’ve got a tight hold on your cock while you wack off real fast, you absolutely Will Not be able to replicate that sensation through partnered sex. I recently read a post on reddit from a man who insulted the hell out of his girlfriend by accusing her of being “too loose” and not a virgin because her pussy wasn’t as tight as his fist. First up, clearly he’s got a little dingaling, which isn’t her fault at all, and secondly, you know he’s a tight fast wanker. Don’t set yourself up to be this pathetic loser on the internet complaining about things his girlfriend can’t control. Relax your grip, and take your time, so you can learn to orgasm more slowly. (All the advice on that post was for the girlfriend, by the way, advising her to dump that wanker and find someone better.)

To learn how to masturbate better, and thus improve your eventual partnered sex life, you need erotic teasing. You need masturbation instructions, JOI, and guided cock control. You need to pay attention and listen, and put the things we’ll teach you into practice. And, fellas, you need to stop expecting partnered sex to feel like masturbation! Blaming your partner because her pussy doesn’t have fingers or do that little twist thing under the head you like so much is just real dumb dumb behavior. Put aside your desire to chase a fast orgasm and embrace the slow tease with us!

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Your Erotic Teasing Mistress, Harper