Let’s play a holiday game! With your dick! After all, nothing makes the season merrier than bright red balls, sparkling lights, and you, begging and pleading for what you want. I’m not trying to say that begging for a present is a bad thing, after all, just that maybe because the commercialization of the season has gotten a little out of hand embracing a little denial might be a good way to balance things out again. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you do deserve at least one nice thing this season, and that’s why you should play a Pass the Penis Holiday Game!

Pass the Penis Holiday Game?!

Harper Celebrates the Holidays!I know, you probably aren’t thinking that Pass the Penis is a winter holiday game at all, are you? You’re probably thinking that it’s more like a horny weekend or middle of the week pick me up game. Why not both?! It’s a versatile game, is what I’m saying here, and you should embrace games and fun that adapt easily to all seasons. This December, however, we do have a twist on the usual game that turns it into something seasonal and relevant to the holidays. Specifically, we have a gift for you! Buy five ten minute Pass the Penis interludes and get the sixth for free. We’re just that awesome. That means, if you manage to make it through five Mistresses all teasing the absolute lump of coal out of your stocking stuffer, you get the sixth (and one presumes they’ll likely let you finish off with a nice big bang when you pull the string on that Christmas cracker) for free. Gratis. Nada. Zip. Zilch. A gift!

Need That Gift Spelled Out?

Winter Holiday 2023 PromotionsOnce per day in December 2023 you can call dispatch (they’re nice, say hi when you talk to them!) and get yourself a present. You do get a choice of presents if you’re really Horny for the Holidays! You can snag yourself a discounted half hour, a discount on a full hour, or you can subject yourself to the winter holiday gauntlet and play Pass the Penis with us, for a total of 60 minutes with six different Mistresses!

How To Play The Game

Let’s put some spice in this cider, top your eggnog with some nutmeg, and pour icing on the gingerbread, and turn this into a truly holiday themed game. You know the party game where you show up and bring one wrapped gift, and then everyone trades back and forth until you’re either stuck with the horrible hand painted tchotchke, awful cheap wine, or (in a feat of extreme luck), the one actually awesome gift that everyone was squabbling over? That game? It’s like that, only your dick is the present and we’re all passing you around to tease the hell out of you and then make you beg.

You Put Your Dick In A Box

And don’t worry, I’m not going to mashup the SNL skit with Yzma’s box in a box and then you smash it flat meme, that’d be mean and I only do that to very naughty sluts who ask for it up front. But since your dick is the present we’re all going to pass around for an hour, I do hope you have the stamina to make it all the way through. When you call, you can tell the dispatcher to pick the Mistresses you’ll be talking to, or you can prepare ahead of time and ask for just your very tip top favorites. You can also ask for each Lady to try her very best to make you cum in your pants, thus robbing you of your personal present at the end: that free sixth session! We can play this game so many ways, from a Pass the Sissy variant where each successive Mistress feminizes you further, an extreme edging game where you’re not allowed to cum at all not even at the very end, or a multiple ruined orgasm game! Pick your difficulty level and let’s have fun making you beg for what you really want this winter.

Ready To Play With Us?

You’re invited to a holiday party, join us for Trivia Night on December 14 at 8 pm in the Community Kink chatroom. No, we’re not playing Pass The Penis with you during the party, but we can arrange something more private for afterward! Grab yourself those winter holiday gifts all month long, and don’t forget to play Pass The Horny Slut Around with us at least once this December.

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Your Cocktease Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper