In the course of my career as a professional Mistress, Femdomme, Dominatrix, and Distance Domination Expert, I’ve had the chance to tease quite a few cocks. I’ve seen and done some really fun and interesting things with other people’s penises, is what I’m saying. So now I’m going to give you a chance to peek behind the curtain and read about my extreme cocktease diaries. Find out what I did to make a wanker sob in exhausted lust, or about the time I reduced a supposed “alpha male” to begging. For that matter, I’m exceptionally proud of how I gave someone wet dreams well after he thought such an embarrassing period of his life was over! Keep reading, because I’m about to share all the juicy details.

Have you ever been so horny you could cry?

Mistress Harper loves being a cock tease Mistress 800 601 7259One of my play partners really wanted to be teased and denied for a long time, so that’s exactly what I did to him! We agreed on a very strict regimen, with no cheating or relaxing the boundaries and limitations. The goal was to get him so completely needy, horny, and lust-crazed that he would become entirely submissive in every way and give in to literally every whim and command I gave him. I combined extreme cocktease edging, chastity, and ruined orgasms to drive him absolutely wild with desire. Just think about how you’d react, if I teased you and edged you for increasingly longer periods of time each day, only to deny your orgasm and lock you in chastity. What would you do if I teased you and then ruined your orgasm, teased and edged you some more, and then simply locked you back away for a long weekend with absolutely no release, teasing, or orgasm? You’d cry too.

It turns out it’s pretty easy to make an alpha male beg when you tease his cock.

All those big strong manly men out in the world have a secret weakness, and it’s so laughably obvious and easy to take advantage of! One time I had a self-professed alpha male, a real “top dawg” sort of a fella, who thought he could assert his manliness and overcome all my feminine wiles. Boy was he in for a surprise. Turns out, if you cock tease an alpha male long enough, he’ll break and start to beg! The key here is to use positive rewards to train him to beg more. If he begs or even asks nicely, I’d give him just a little taste of what he was wanting. Maybe I’d let him sniff my panties as a reward, but he couldn’t look at my pussy. Or I’d let him listen from the hallway when I was giving myself a nice orgasm or two. Of course some edging games, and a couple of nearly-ruined orgasms, and he was like putty in my hands. When he finally gave in and actually really begged to cum? Delicious.

Wet dreams only happen to you when you’re young, right? Wrong!

You might think your college co-ed days of waking up with a wet spot in your sheets are long past you now, but you can ask several of my playmates and find out that’s not true at all. Turns out if you tease and edge and deny someone long enough, their unconscious mind takes over and then, they’re right back to waking up hard and having nocturnal emissions like a fucking pathetic loser. Every time I wind someone up to the point that they start waking up damp, I just laugh and laugh. I love reducing your self-control to rubble! After all, if your sleeping mind is dreaming of what I could say ‘yes’ to, and you’re waking up horny, it’s like some deep part of yourself is playing along with me, assisting in your devolution to nothing more than a lust-filled simp.

Now that you’ve read my extreme cocktease diaries, are you ready for your own page in my journal?

Let me tease you and deny you, make you cry and beg, and give you wild wet dreams! I promise you’ll enjoy it, and if you don’t you can always just jerk off and ruin all my fun. But you wouldn’t be a disappointment like that, would you? You’d never be so bad as to wreck my good time, take away my joy in your submission, and deprive me of getting to hear you completely broken and needy, right? Of course not! You’re a good desperate slut, and you’ll let me drive you right up the edge, and then keep you there as long as I want to! After all, I love being a cocktease Mistress, and you love being teased by me!

After all, I am your Cocktease Mistress, Harper

xoxo, Harper