You know how usually, we offer a no questions asked guarantee on all phone sex and sexy texting sessions? Oh, you didn’t? Well, we do, and it’s pretty awesome. You’d love it, I’m sure, if you weren’t calling an unrepentant cock tease like myself. See, I don’t offer that guarantee when I’m teasing your dick. I just can’t guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, because I just really love teasing you! No guarantee from a pricktease!

Did you want a guaranteed orgasm?

No Guarantee From a Pricktease Like HarperI bet you thought you’d arrange a session, masturbate a little, and then get to have your lovely orgasm at the end, didn’t you? That is so cute! You actually think calling a cock tease Mistress will end in bliss and cum! Darling, you are so very wrong. If you give me a call, I can tell you there is no guarantee that you’ll get to cum at the end. In fact, the best I can give you is a coin flip: fifty/fifty odds that you’ll cum is the absolute apex of your potential odds. Heads you don’t get to cum, tails you can, and let’s flip for it.

No guarantee from a pricktease.

No guarantee from a pricktease means that you’re going to be kept on edge, hard and horny and wanting, for exactly as long as I decide I want you to be. How long can you edge for me? Knowing that even after all that effort, sweat, and begging for release that there’s no guaranteed release at the end? Do you have the strength, the moral fortitude and fiber to call and dare me to tease you to my heart’s delight? I so dearly want to find out if you do. Because I’m betting that you can take everything I have to throw at you, and you’ll love every minute of it. You’ll enjoy what I want to do to you, and you’ll ask me to do it again and again. Over and over, teasing you and making you moan like a whore for me…

I know you need to be teased.

I can offer you this heartfelt guarantee: I will tease you until you can’t take it any more. I want to run the tip of my finger up and down your cock, teasing you while you moan. Our little game has rules, though: you can’t move until I say you can. And I say you have to hold still, and you don’t get to try to hump my hand! Just that one finger tip, teasing around and around the head of your cock, while you whimper and try to hold perfectly still. You can hold still for me, you can do this, I know you can. You can trust me when I say this will all be worth it in the end. I promise I’ll make sure you’re happy and satisfied in the end of it all.

Trust my promise to you…

I do so solemnly swear that I won’t leave you wrung out, gasping for breath, so turned on you can’t think, or totally and completely erect with no hope of orgasm in sight. Honest. A pricktease like myself would never leave you hanging unfulfilled! Even though there is no guarantee from a pricktease, you can trust me. You can go ahead and grasp your cock and edge for me, just one time, and then call so I can hear you moaning in desire. Give yourself to me, give me control over you and your cock, and I’ll make it worth your while.

Listen to the audio and follow my instructions!

You know that in this world there really are no guarantees. Luckily, in this case, your lack of guarantee is exactly what you need, isn’t it? You need to be teased mercilessly, and I would love to be the one to tease you into tears.

Your Pricktease Mistress, Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169

(ps: I should show you my coin sometime, it’s got two heads! )




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