Body Worship Mistress RIley and Earn Yourself Some Big Blue Balls!Body Worship for Mistress

What better way to give you big blue balls this No-Nut November than to give you a guide on how to worship the body of your mistress. This will certainly drive you crazy, especially if you are still going strong from Lock-tober. I’ll go over with you the various areas to worship so pay attention, and always remember no matter how good you do you are owed nothing in return. The torment is reward enough.

Asking Her to Undress

You can aim high and ask your mistress to undress so you may worship various areas of her body. However, if you have not earned this right simply request her to dress down or allow you to assist with uncovering the area/areas you would like to focus on. Make sure you make it very clear to state your intentions. Telling your mistress to simply undress with no good reason will not often go well for you.

Next make sure to set her up in a comfortable position, whether that’s just sitting comfortably for some foot worship or laying in a soft bed for other areas. If you intend on having her roll over at any point make sure to mention it. When you begin the more she knows of your plans the easier it will be for the two of you to sync into an intimate connection with one another. Where a simple polite and delicate nudge can be used instead of having to ask for her to readjust. These small cues are easy to pick up on. Being in sync at the right moments will increase the aching in those big blue balls, I promise.

All the Fun Body Worship Below the Waist

In my personal opinion no matter what areas you are covering, always start from the lowest area and work your way up. So first off we are going to discuss the feet. Start with a gentle massage, but don’t ignore any areas. Get your fingers between her toes, and slowly work down to the heels. Take your time just touching with your own hands, don’t jump into the kissing or licking. Show your appreciation with the skin-to-skin contact first, then introduce your mouth, kiss each toe, perhaps even suck each one with care. Cover each inch front and back with kisses.

Make the transition flawlessly from foot to leg with touching, rubbing, and kissing up to those strong ankles. Give each the care and dedication you gave to her feet, then begin on her legs. Don’t be afraid to add more pressure when massaging the calves, this will help loosen up any tension for her. Again start with exploring with your hands. The mouth play comes second, the warmth of your hands ignites the physical connection. The strongest tool in your arsenal is your hands. Those blue balls will thank you for acknowledging this fact.

They will Ache for What’s Next

Congratulations, you started with feet and worked your way up to those warm loving thighs. As tempting as it is to bury your face between them to feel the soft skin against your cheeks, stop and remember what I’ve been hammering into your mind. Touch and explore first. Take your palms and rub against the inner and other areas of the thighs, massage the inner section thoroughly! Do not rush, if you do not spend at least ten minutes just caressing and massaging her thighs you have not earned the right to proceed forward.

Now you may begin using your mouth, start small. Kiss every inch, and then you can pick your favorite areas. Do full open kisses where you like the most, especially those inner thighs, it’s ok to breathe in a little deeper. Her scent will grow more and more powerful the more time you dedicate to caring for her body.

At this point, your big blue balls are aching, and you’re right there. To the area that you are aching to dive right into. However this is where I’m going to cut you off, for now, there are other areas that require your attention before you get to enjoy the taste and pleasure of what is between her legs. I know I said start from the bottom and work your way up, however, this is one area that you will skip for now. There is too much to be done first, this will be touched on in part two. Enjoy those blue balls!


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