Find Ms. Piper's nip slipYou may or may not have noticed, but I don’t show a lot of skin in my pictures. I prefer to keep some things a mystery, and that includes a nip slip, in most cases.

A cocktease Mistress like me, however, has to show a little skin sometimes to keep your cock engaged. Otherwise, it gets bored and starts sniffing around other Mistresses. In that spirit, I have a fun assignment for all of you strokers.

If you follow my blog, then you may have noticed I sometimes (very rarely) slip a little nip in some of the pictures. Now is your chance to really dig in and catch a glimpse of my nips.

Here’s your assignment:

  1. Before you even get to my blog, I want you to edge 5 times.
  2. After you edge 5 times, you may log on to my blog Your Naughty Lover.
  3. Scroll through my blog, and every time you see a nip (or a glimpse of a nip) edge 3 more times.
  4. Make sure you check not only the pictures as you scroll through the blog, but click on each post. Sometimes I have a different picture inside the post than on the main page.
  5. If you find 5 different nip slip pics, and edged three times after each photo, you may cum.
  6. If you don’t find 5 different pics, then you DON’T get to cum for 24 hours. Orgasm denied!

By my count, by the time you get to cum, you will have edged at least 25 times. Your balls should be nice and full, as a cock tease like me definitely prefers! I definitely LOVE to keep you horny and on the edge of madness.

How did you do? Did you find them all, or did you get the privilege of honoring me with blue balls for 24 hours? Comment below!

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