You need to worship Mistress Piper's feet.

I promise I’m worth the wait!

You have such a weakness for my feet. You can’t help but fall on your knees and worship them.

Of course, a goddess like me deserves to have her feet worshiped. You should be on your knees and treating me like the Empress I am, making love to my feet the way I like. It’s a gift to be allowed full access to touch, kiss, and taste my feet. You take deep breaths because you enjoy smelling feet. You must earn the right to suck my toes. Have you been a good little foot slave? Did you wash all of my nylons and polish all of my shiny stiletto heels? Oh yes?

Well then you may start with my left foot, smallest toe, and suck it into your mouth. It’s a tiny little nub, much like your little pee pee, but you love it, don’t you?

You must lick between my toes, all of them, before I allow you to suck on the rest of my toes. Lick under the pads of my toes, and lick all the way down between them to that little cleavage point on my foot. So what is your foot fetish fantasy, if I allowed you to entertain one? What would you LOVE to do with my feet if only I allowed it? Tonight you will confess it all to me, no matter how naughty or depraved. When you worship a foot goddess like me, you keep no secrets.

You are completely owned by my pretty feet and toes, and I know how weak they make you. You’ll do anything to keep access to my feet, and I intend to use that against you.


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