I do love to see you squirm like a skewered slut. Your moans and sobbing cries for release, and watching your struggles to accept the intrusion into your ass, all turn me on! That’s why I love to give you a good anal tease, before I finally give you what you really long for. Don’t worry, you will get it all, in the end, but first I just have to make you beg for it. Can you be good for me, and take what I have for you, or will you cum too soon and ruin all our fun?

Do you like an anal tease as much as I do?

Anal Tease Mistress HarperCan you believe there are some people who flatly refuse to play with their ass? I know! Imagine being hung up on the ass, of all things. Let me reassure you, if you’re one of the anal virgins out there, that your butt hole is a wonderland of nerves and sensation, and that making you beg for more anal stimulation is on my personal bucket list. There is nothing “gay” or dirty about playing with your ass, so just set that set of misconceptions aside right now. If you are male, with a penis, testicles, and prostate, your ass was made to play with it! Why else would part of your genitalia be so easily accessible from your ass?! Come on, play with your ass, give yourself a good anal tease for me!

Yes, you read that right. Your genitalia extend all the way to your ass.

Your prostate is a gland located interior and posterior to your testes. It wraps around your vas deferens and provides the bulk of the fluid portion of your ejaculate. It’s also got a lot of lovely nerves that you can stimulate and play with! For older gentlemen, an enlarged prostate can create health issues, and if not dealt with by a healthcare provider, can drastically effect your life. This is why for many people with a prostate, regular self exams are key! And I figure, since you’re down there anyway, you may as well have some fun with yourself. Give that prostate a good rub and check it carefully for any changes (yes, this means you need to play with yourself often). Tease your ass for your health!

Once you’ve discovered the joy of your prostate…

You can become the anal tease slut of my dreams! Let’s start super simple and easy: external anal tease time! Right after a shower or bath, when you’re all squeaky clean and fresh, use your fingertip to tease your ass. Lay back in your bed, and spread your legs. You can practically see me sitting next to you, smiling down at your actions, can’t you? Pull your knees up, spread your legs, and reach down. Good slut! You’re going to gently, so very gently, run your fingertip over and around the sweet pucker of your ass. Feel the space between your balls and your ass, and press just a bit there. You can externally massage your prostate like this, and I’m willing to bet you’ll like it. Add a little lube when you feel ready, and keep on teasing that sweet ass for me.

Surprise, your ass wants to be fucked open!

As you tease your hole, you’ll feel the tension in it relax. The muscles of your sphincter will relax, and start to ‘wink’ open and shut. Don’t be shocked when you eventually slide your fingertip inside yourself. Your ass wants this, your body was made for this! This is the natural progression to being an anal tease slut: eventually, the tease won’t be enough any more, and then you’ll just be an anal slut. I want you to be an anal slut for me, to be so eager for to be pegged and filled, to take my dildo or strap-on cock, and be the moaning whore begging for permission to cum on my cock!

Tease yourself.

Listen to my voice, and do as I tell you to do! Then, call me, so we can finish your journey towards anal tease slut and fucktoy! This is what you need, what you are, and what I want to give to you.

Your anal tease Mistress, Harper

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