Welcome those with eager cocks ready to get a good reason to stroke, stroke, stroke! I want you to do something for me, as I have my lab coat on and am ready to collect some data. With your help of course. I need you to participate in a journey of edging and reflection. Edge and reflect is what I like to call it. If interested then read below to find out what I will need from you.

Are You Ready To Edge And Reflect?

So this edge and reflect experiment is very simple and does not require very much. It’s exactly how it sounds, you will edge for me with various requirements for 5 days. These 5 days do not need to be back to back so no worries about that, however, I do need you to answer three questions after each day. This will be the reflect portion of the experiment. After you have completed the 5 days of edging and reflection I would greatly appreciate if you send the results from each of the days and their questions to me at riley@enchantrixempire.com. Over all my goal is to collect the data of at least 10 willing and able gentlemen but more is greatly appreciated! Shall you will to continue the edging task for each day with their reflection questions are below. Happy stroking!

Let The Edging Begin!

Day one is very simple, what I want from you is to get comfortable in a chair or your bed. However, you may not use any form of extra stimulation. Just your hand and yourself alone. Sure you can use your imagination but no masturbatory aids to assist you for this one. I want you to edge as many times as you can keep up with until you just can’t help yourself and then cum. After cleaning up I want you to write down, or type out the answers to the questions below.

  • How many edges did you complete?
  • Now that you think about it, do you think you could have lasted longer?
  • Do you wish you could have used some extra stimulation and if so what kind?

Day two you will be using visual aids today. This can be porn or photos, the only catch is if you are watching porn the sound must be muted! Just like before you will use just your hands and jerk off to your visual aids. Edge as many times as you can until you can help yourself and cum. After clean up answer the questions below.

  • How many edges did you complete?
  • What type of visual aid did you use? (Feel free to add detail about the type of porn you may have selected)
  • Did visual stimulation make it harder to last longer?

Day three of Edge and Reflect is next. This time we will be using auditory stimuli. You may either select your favorite porn to listen to but NOT watch, or listen to your favorite erotic audio to edge to. You will edge just like before as many times as you can before you pop, I suggest with your eyes closed so you focus only on the audio. Once you finish clean up and answer the reflecting questions below.

  • How many edges did you complete?
  • How did you like auditory only stimulation?
  • Was it harder or easier to last longer with auditory stimulation?

Day four will be a bit different it will require you to call a mistress of your choice. You will ask her to tease you relentlessly as you edge until you either cum or how a ruined orgasm. You must try to last as long as possible no matter what. Make sure you are clear that you want it to be hard to not cum as she teases and coaxed you into making a big mess for her. Then as always reflect on your edge session with the questions below.

  • How many edges did you complete?
  • Was it difficult to control yourself with someone sexy teasing you so relentlessly?
  • Was it harder or easier then other avenues of stimulation you have tried to control yourself?

Day five is our last day. Congrats you are almost finished this time I want you to choose to types of stimulation to use on this day. So you can watch porn with the sound on. Or pull up your favorite visual aids, and call your mistress! Mix and match as you please. Edge as much as you can then reflect with the questions below!

  • How many edges did you complete?
  • What types of stimulation did you choose and why?
  • What day did you consider the hardest to last long and why?

Send In Your Data

Now that all of the data has been collected and you’ve edged and reflected each day. It will be time to send in your results to me again my email is riley@enchantrixempire.com. I would certainly appreciate it as my curiosity is just itching to know. Now I will say if you have the ability to I wouldn’t mind you including a six day of just using toy stimulation so feel free to include it if you like. However, it’s not part of the initial five days as not everyone uses toys, or have the ability to. However, don’t let that stop you if you do! Have fun and I hope you enjoy helping me with this stroking experiment!

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