Have you ever tried orgasm edging, guys? I really hope the answer is yes because it’s really good for making your orgasms be of the toe-curling variety. But if not, that’s ok! That’s what I’m here for, to help you experience things you’ve never experienced before.

What Is Orgasm Edging?

First, we should talk about what orgasm edging is before we do anything else. That way, we’ll both be on the same page about it!

Orgasm edging is a type of cock control that uses cock teasing (one of my specialties!) to bring to the edge of orgasm over and over again, without actually letting you cum. But don’t let that intimidate you. It’s merely a form of tease and delay, rather than a form of outright tease and denial. You will get your orgasm at the end, and it will be the best one of your life! It’ll just be delayed for a little while as I edge you time and time again.

Some guys can only handle a couple of edges before their balls are blue and their cocks are bursting. Others can go longer. Which one will you be? There’s only one way to find out!

Cock Teasing To Intensify Your Orgasm

You may be wondering now exactly how orgasm edging works. Well, I will be happy to tell you! The more times you edge yourself, the more cum that builds up inside you. This is similar to how masturbation tantra works, too, if you’re familiar with that at all. And the more cum that builds up inside you, the more extraordinary it will feel when you’re finally allowed to let all that pressure off.

But…we have to build up the pressure in the first place. And the way we do that is with extreme cock teasing. I’ll handle that aspect for you. All you have to do is close your eyes, relax, and obey.

I can use many different methods to edge you. I like talking to you about what turns you on and using those things to push you closer and closer to the brink. But I won’t be letting you tumble over until I’m good and ready, hence why I called it “tease and delay” earlier.

Other Reasons To Enjoy Edging

Of course, there are other reasons besides just pure pleasure to enjoy edging. Pleasure is the best reason, naturally, but there are others.

For example, if you’re curious about or already into cum eating, orgasm edging is a wonderful way to increase the amount of cum you produce for your consumption. Just jerking off normally will give you a little cum to eat. But using orgasm edging? Oh, man, that’ll give you so much more to enjoy!

And then there’s the added bonus of the fact that Masturbatrices like myself love edging. We like to tease you and giggle a little as you struggle not to cum before you’re given permission. And the bigger your struggle, the more we like it!

So that brings me to my final point….

My Orgasm Edging Instructions For You

I have some instructions I’d like to share with you now. If you’ve never tried orgasm edging before, I want you to try it for the first time. You can do this by yourself or on the phone with me and/or another Femdom Mistress. It might be easier for you the first time if you have some help, but if you prefer to do it alone, that’s fine, too. Try edging yourself at least three times before cumming if you’ve never tried edging before. Then, let me know how it went! Was your orgasm better than usual? I’m almost certain it will be.

If you have tried edging before, I want you to push yourself a little. Think about how many times you usually edge and add three to that number. Again, you can do this solo or with the encouragement of a Masturbatrix like me. However you do it, just make sure to edge yourself at least three times more than you normally do to see how that affects your orgasm. I think you’ll approve of the effect it has on it once you try it!

So that’s it from me on the subject of orgasm edging. I hope you enjoy playing around with the idea, and I also hope to talk to you soon!

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