Mmm, orgasm edging. Even just the words turn me on. They conjure up images of hard cocks, dripping and throbbing for me. I love it!

What I want to talk to you about today (when it comes to edging) is pretty simple. It’s a question that sometimes arises when I talk to you guys, so I thought I’d address it in this blog post, so you’ll know my thoughts on the subject.

What’s The Difference In Edging And Teasing?

The question is, what’s the difference between edging and cock teasing? The answer is that it’s pretty clear-cut, at least in my mind.

Prick teasing is what gets your cock hard and brings you to that first edge. It’s when I use my erotic voice, my sexy body, any number of different things to turn you on and get you all worked up. Edging, on the other hand, is bringing you to the edge repeatedly and delaying your orgasm in order to build up a better orgasmic response at the end.

There’s also the fact that it’s called tease and denial, not edging and denial. 😉 Teasing is sort of the larger umbrella under which edging falls, but they’re not the same thing.

Enjoying Orgasm Edging With Your Prick Tease Princess

Getting you close to the brink of orgasm and then pulling back at the last possible second is such a turn-on for me. You know how there are guys who like to watch ladies dangle their shoes (usually high heels) on their toes? And half the enjoyment comes from watching these ladies almost-but-not-quite drop the shoe? Yeah, that’s what orgasm edging is like for me! I love the thrill of getting you almost there and then averting your orgasm at the last minute. Is it a little sadistic of me? Of course! Do you guys mind? I’m assuming not!

And I know the reason you don’t mind so much is that you know if I’m teasing you, I might deny you at the end, but if I’m edging you with a purpose, I’ll let you cum eventually. You may have to eat your own cum for me at the end, but that’s a small price to pay for the mind-blowing orgasm you’re going to get, in my opinion.

Edging Pairs Like Fine Wine

The other thing I love about orgasm edging, besides just the act of edging itself, is how well it pairs with other things, like guided masturbation. Of course, it also works with tease and denial, too, but today’s post isn’t focused so much on the denial aspect as it is the delay aspect. I want you to think about your orgasm today, unlike some days!

Edging pairs with guided masturbation like fine wine with an excellent meal. The two things are best enjoyed together. And I can definitely help you enjoy them! It’s one of my favorite things to do, after all.

So if you’re looking for some orgasm edging fun, you don’t have to look any further. Your search is over. You just need this Prick Tease Princess to take control of your cock for you and bring you to the edge of orgasm as many times as she deems necessary. And then, in the end, you’ll get what you’re craving–an orgasm for the ages!

So what are you waiting for? Come get what it is you need so badly. Give me, Princess Alyssa, a call for your orgasm edging phone sex session today. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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