Cock Tease Tag Team

Cock Teasing Together: A Cock Tease Tag Team I know when you read the name "Cock tease" you think we are going to tease your cock, right? Well, what if we put a spin on that cock teasing and take it to another level. How about, together, we...

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Mindfuck Yourself

"Here, cocky cocky cocky. Come see Mistress Daphne. She has something naughty for you to do." Wouldn't you love to have a lover say things like that to you? How could you get someone to control your dick in a relationship that does not sustain...

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Panty Lover on My Radar

So You Want to Get In My Panties? I see the way you stare at my panty drawer when it's open. I also notice the way you grab at the growing bulge in your pants when I slip out of my panties and toss them into the clothes basket that's waiting to be carried...

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