Get the Gush and enjoy special cockteasing fun with Goddess Rachel! 1-800-356-6169


I’m inviting you to invest in a cockteasing experience that’s straight-forward, but has the potential to be oh-so-satisfying! If you like to feel controlled by a Mistress in this way, that is!

I use the word “invest”, because it does require you to spend some money over and above the session itself. But this is an investment that will pay for itself in cockteasing pleasure many, many times over!

What is this investment, and what is the experience, you may ask?

The investment is called The Gush. And the experience is potentially limitless cockteasing pleasure (or torment) at the fingertips (and the mercy) of your cock tease Goddess Rachel!

Of course, you can click on the link above and go right to the page to see just what The Gush is, but I’ll tell you right here why I love it so much.

I’m going to tell you why I think it’s uniquely suited to cockteasing phone sex sessions. Then I’ll tell you what I want to do to you with it. Then I’ll tell you what to do once you’ve gotten it. If you want to be driven mad with desire, that is.

I’ll also answer some questions I predict might be on some of your minds.

Sound good?

Ready to “hear” Me gush about The Gush?

Let’s go!


Long Distance Domination Remote Control Cockteasing


Doesn’t that sentence say it all?

I mean, it should. But allow Me to underscore its points:

  • I can control your Gush (or pretty much any Lovense toy–check out the store page if you’re curious)
  • I can control your Gush no matter where you are in the world!

Each of those points by themselves should make you tingle as if you’ve already got one on!

Think about it: I already inhabit your brain and your fantasies. I control your desire and what you do about it, with My voice and imagination. Imagine if, through the power of technology, that cock control could reach across time and space and literally decide when your penis gets stimulated, teased, and denied. Or, I mean, just teased and delayed, if you beg to cum sufficiently enough.

With this toy, it’s possible!

And, look closely at the design. You see how it’s meant to wrap around your cock of course, anywhere along the shaft. Under regular circumstances, you could stroke that delicious vibration up and down, like a mini male masturbator with a little something extra.

Get the Gush and enjoy special cockteasing fun with Goddess Rachel! 1-800-356-6169

Click the pic to be taken to the site, and the specs!

But what you might be missing is the band. See it off to the left in the picture over there? With it, you can secure The Gush in one place of your choosing (or rather, of MY choosing), and have a hands-free experience!

Which brings U/s to the next point I promised you I’d make: what I want to do to you with it.


Cockteasing humiliation in public . . .


The problem with public humiliation is that according to proper kink etiquette, W/e really don’t have the right to inflict O/ur kinks on anyone who hasn’t consented to be part of them. But if you’re wearing something under your clothes, and your slutty erection, for example, is obscured by, say, a shopping cart and/or your large Winter coat (if you live in a cold climate like I do), I can safely amuse Myself with your predicament, and the general public would be none the wiser!

The Gush is perfect for this, obviously!

You’d simply choose a day where you have errands to run out and about, put on your Gush (secured well with the included band and perhaps a nice snug pair of underwear), arrange for a window of time during which you accept that you may be tormented by a pricktease (namely, Me) without warning, and fun will be had by all!

I so look forward to accompanying you via text or call, perhaps hearing you try to smother a moan with a cough or an exclamation about the price of eggs (when you’re not even near them), or your sotto-voiced begging via your bluetooth that I please relent before you begin to hump the air, or make a mess in your pants . . .


Or private.


But W/e don’t have to have O/ur simple but creative cockteasing fun in public. It would amuse Me enough to have you commit to keeping your hands off of My property, while I engage you with some sexy storytelling, punctuated by jolts of vibration to make you squirm!

Don’t worry–I know just when to cut off the vibration so that you won’t cum in an unauthorized manner. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what worries you. You already know it’s precisely what amuses and arouses Me, to make you rock hard, throbbing, and desperate, stopping just short of that longed-for release.A day of edging and ruined orgasms if you’re lucky.

So, are you filled with that delicious mix of trepidation and intrigue? Already prepared to go to the website and pull out your credit card? Well you just do that. And then come back here, click the banner below, listen to the answers to some anticipated questions, and learn the next steps to take when your Gush arrives and you’re ready to be at My mercy!


Goddess Rachel, Cockteasing Consierge



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