This little treat is for the edging and cum eating fans who are looking for the perfect way to tease themselves this season. I’ve compiled a list of tasks for you to complete to celebrate twelve days of Edgemas! If it wasn’t obvious some cum eating will be required so make sure you are prepared to enjoy your cream. You will need the following items to fully enjoy the task below. Have a nice fluffy pillow, have at least two six-sided dice, a cup and obviously lube.

The First Six Days Of Edgemas

Below is the task for the first six days. Each day has different instructions, and include whether or not you are allowed to cum of course.

Day One – It’s the first day so let’s consider this day a warm-up day. To get your ready for many days to come of edging and cum eating. You will edge 6 times today while watching your favorite porno or edging for your favorite mistress. At the end of each edge you will gobble up all pre-cum before beginning the next. Cumming is not allowed on this day.

Day Two – On the second day of Edgemas your mistress commands of thee… Roll the one six sided dice and times the result by two to get your required amount of edges today. Eating all pre-cum, total denial on this day.

Day Three – To calculate the number of edges you will do today we are going to rely on a fun little math problem. You will take your age and times it by two. Then divide by eight, the outcome will be the number of edges required for today. As always eat all pre-cum, and it’s only day three of course you can’t cum today.

Day Four – You will set a timer for thirty minutes, and you will be required to stroke while the timer counts down. Should you find yourself having a pacing problem you may take a short rest but you will have to pause the timer. You may engage in giving yourself a ruined orgasm today or completely deny yourself. Eat all cum.

Day Five – Today will be a three, three, and three day. What I mean by that is you will edge three times in the morning when you first wake, three times in the middle of your day. Finished with three times right before bed. No cumming, only slurping up your dribbles. This may sound easy but the build up will drive you crazy all day.

Day Six – Today you will need plenty of lube and a cup. Good news today there will be hot edging and cum eating! Get yourself either on your knees or standing with the cup in the pretty position to capture all cum juice you milk out today! Lube up both hands and create a tight hand pussy to thrust your cock in and out of for 30 whole minutes. Stop and go as needed, you may cum today straight into the glass to be consumed immediately after ejaculation!

The Edging And Cum Eating Continues For Six More Days!

Congrats you are half-way there! Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the first six days of Edgemas hope your ready for the next six days of edging and cum eating fun I’ve prepared for you.

Day Seven – Today is a handless edging day. You will break out the pillow I told you, you will be needing. Alternatively you are allowed to fuck your couch, preferable on Skype so I can watch! You will pillow hump for 20 minutes today, no stroking with your hand today. Suck any pre-cum out of the fabric once your done. No cumming.

Day Eight – Just the tip! Today your will edge a total of five times by just stimulating the head of your cock. Ignore the shaft and focus on the most sensitive part of your cock, jerk your head only. Consume all pre-cum, but no cumming.

Day Nine – What leave it up to fate on how torturous today will be for you. Take the two dice and roll, add the total and times by two. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and only have to edge four times, or maybe you’ll have to give me twenty-four edges. No cumming, only pre-cum consumption.

Prepare For Those Aching Balls

Day Ten – Get on your knees naked. Take a few deep breaths and get close your eyes. Picture your mistress standing before you in a sexy pair of panties that are noticeable quite wet. (This works great if you get her on the phone to tease you.) You will stroke for her over and over again, do not open your eyes. Goon for her for an entire hour! Make sure to set a timer if you don’t have your mistress available to release you from your meditation. You will be totally denied today but do enjoy the clean-up!

Day Eleven – Your balls should be sore and swollen today. So you will go handless today break out the pillow and hump it for three edges first thing in the morning, and give it five edges in the evening before bed. No cumming!

Day Twelve – This is the big day for you! It’s the twelfth and last day of your edging and cum eating marathon. You are going to edge twenty-five times today so make sure you crave out some time, and you’re are going to do something special to cum today. When you are on your last edge, desperate to cum you are going to put your legs in the air and lift up your ass. Aim your head toward your mouth and open wide. Squirt your load straight into your mouth! Consume any and all cum that fails to make it to the correct landing zone.

Happy Edgemas

Celebrate Edgemas this year and every year going forward! Remember to bookmark this post so you can keep coming back to these edging and cum eating instructions every holiday season. It was a pleasure making this naughty list for you horny stroking fans.

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