Goddess Rachel invites you to a mutual masturbation cocktease! 1-800-356-6169Hello, cocktease playmates! Beta males and submissives have been so indulgent in their admiration for Me. And I know many of you would love to be able to fuck Me. Aside from those of you who have a cock the looks and size of which I like, and the stamina to go with it, and therefore might be selected for dildo duty in an alternate universe, that’s never going to happen. But mutual masturbation is a possibility!

I don’t have to ask whether or not it matters that you can’t actually see Me while W/e masturbate together. I know how much real estate thoughts of Me take up in your head (and rightfully so), and you can easily conjure the images of Me needed to go along with what I’m about to propose.

If W/e were facing each other, the frantic jacking that you do without My jack off instructions would be distracting. Plus, you’d probably cum way sooner than I do, depriving Me of the entertainment of your arousal and frustration. Therefore, I’ve determined that you can only mimic MY motions when you touch yourself.

Our mutual masturbation will truly be mutual.

I’ll let you use lube though. I, of course, make My own lube when I’m horny. Some of you do as well, but that usually occurs well after your cock gets hard. If the idea of this mutual masturbation cocktease arouses you so much that you’re already dripping, well, more power to you! Feel free to use your precum!

The question is, use your precum to do what?

Well, if W/e’re going to enjoy some mutual masturbation, first you’ll need to get nice and hard. That’s another advantage I have, but I’ll give you a little leeway. So go ahead and lube up that cock, whether with “natural lube” or the kind that comes in a little bottle. Stroke that cock slowly, all the way up and over the head, and all the way back down. Close your eyes and conjure an image of Me in an elegant wrap dress, facing you at one end of the couch, while you’re sitting at the other.

Everything from My silky legs to My bellybutton is exposed, and My legs are spread wide. My pussy is freshly waxed, My toes freshly painted, and I’m fondling My tits through My bodice. The imprint of My nipples on the silky fabric tells you that I’m not wearing a bra.

Nice and hard now?

Good. Feel free to stroke a little harder if you’re not, until you are. But don’t get too attached to that hard stroking. Remember, for this type of mutual masturbation, you have to touch yourself the way I touch MYself.

Now that you’re nice and hard, you can get ready to do that.

You see, I’m going to start with a more general stimulation. My pussy needs to be quite slippery and My clit engorged before it’s comfortable to touch it directly. So as I put My whole hand over My pussy and sort of massage it, rub it up and down, graze it, and maybe finger-bang Myself a little, you can use one hand to squeeze your cock down at the base like a cock ring (or put a cock ring on, if you have one), and use your stroking hand to deliver some short, fast, light, grazing strokes to the head, and a little below the head.

Keep in mind that the head of your cock is the equivalent to My clit. So while I’m being sort of general and subtle with Mine, you be general and subtle with yours!

Mmmm. I’m feeling nice and aroused.

Listen in while I explain just how I like to masturbate (when I’m using fingers only), and how you can mimic My moves!

Sure, you may end up cockteased, blue-balled, and frustrated, but I’ll cum, and that’s the most important part.



Goddess Rachel, Cocktease Princess!



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