Sometimes the best way to experience a kink or fetish is through storytelling. After all, people have been using stories to spread information and entertain one another ever since we discovered fire! Erotic storytelling can be a great way to both learn something new about a kink, fetish, or sexuality, and have a mind blowing orgasm. That’s why I’m going to tell you a nice sweet story about the time I got someone to strip nude for me and then teased the hell out of him. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a CFNM story.

Like all stories, this one starts long ago and far away…

it's CFNM Story time with Mistress HarperWe begin with just two characters for our story, the Mistress and the Submissive. Our setting: a lovely modern living room, open plan with the dining and kitchen, tasteful lighting, and a classic muted palate with jewel tones for accents. On a couch with an extended chaise, leaning elegantly back onto fluffy teal and emerald pillows, the Mistress waits, seeming amused. She is fully dressed, wearing tailored dress pants in a deep charcoal, a thin gold tone belt, and a deep crimson silk dress shirt tucked in. On her feet, tasteful closed toe pumps in patent black. Her makeup is immaculate, her nails long and shapely in a red to match her shirt, and she wears her hair pulled back with a golden clip near the nape of her neck. A long gold chain dips between her breasts, with a simple golden key as the charm. Meanwhile, the Submissive is nowhere to be seen.

Given that our Mistress is fully clothed, and this is a CFNM story, I’d wager you can guess what the submissive male is wearing.

If you guess the Submissive in our story is buck ass naked, you’re mostly correct! He is nude, but for one little accessory tucked away nice and snug over his cock. The Submissive has a lovely gilt colored chastity cage, and nothing else on. Currently hiding in a lovely bathroom, with a bright blush on his cheeks and wildly mussed hair, the Submissive seems to be arguing with himself about whether or not he’s going to go join the Mistress in the living room or not. Leaning heavily on the vanity, he stares into his own eyes in the mirror, and finally screws up his courage, as with a muttered ‘Fuck it’ he heads towards the inevitable waiting for him on the living room couch.

At last, our Mistress and naked Submissive’s eyes meet.

The Submissive, of course, instantly drops his eyes to the ground, and seems to become rooted in place, his hands cupped over his caged cock. The Mistress looks at him, toe to hair and back down again, and laughs. “Oh my, you are a sight. Come over here and let me really see you!” She points to a spot on the brocade rug before the couch, and lazily runs the key along it’s chain, making it rattle along that chain and drawing the Submissive’s eyes once more. Spurred into action, he stumbles a bit, but does manage to cross the room and kneel before the couch. “Tsk,” said the Mistress “you know how to kneel properly, so get into your position.”

With a trembling sigh, the Submissive obeys.

He kneels, hands clasped behind his back, perfectly balanced with his ass over his heels and his knees spread wide. This position causes him to straighten his spine, throw his chest forward, and then he drops his shoulders and raises his chin. The very picture of a submissive pet on display. The quick grin on the Mistress’ face is the only indication she gives of her approval, as she leans forward and removes the chain from around her neck. Her slim hands make fast work of unlocking the chastity cage, allowing the Submissive’s cock to slide to freedom. It instantly becomes erect, and beings to throb visibly. The Mistress smiles, pleased, at the clear proof of his obedience and desire.

A caged chastity submissive will do a lot of humiliating things to earn a good cock teasing.

Kneeling there totally nude, and vulnerable, letting his Mistress run her hands over his skin, tweak his nipples and then utterly ignore his cock, all while he begins to sweat and breathe heavily, the Submissive sways forward a bit. With a gentle wag of a teasing fingertip, the Mistress urges him back into perfect position. “Now, you do not have permission to cum for me, not yet anyway. So try not to make a mess on the rug!” At last the Mistress begins to tease his cock, stroking slowly along the underside with the tips of her fingers, amusing herself with the way it twitches and jumps, and dribbles pre-cum along its length. As she teases his cock, she smiles, enjoying the feel of his hard and hot dick, and how truly wretched and desperate his face looks.

Want to know how the story ends?

I could simply tell you that the Mistress teases his cock, making him squirm and beg for a while, and then tells him to go take a cold shower and locks him back into chastity. That is one way our CFNM story could end. Or I could tell you that he begs and pleads, and she eventually stops teasing him and simply works his cock until it begins to spurt, but removes her hand and ruins that orgasm for him. Maybe she gets a plate and has him cum onto it, and then clean it up afterward. Or maybe she enjoys having a naked make hard and horny begging so much that she leaves him like that all evening, occasionally teasing his cock to keep him on the edge, and winds up treating him more like a piece of living art. How do you think this story should end? Consider it a choose your own adventure tale, and then pick up your phone and call me.

Because the real ending to the story is the one we write together.

Call me and confess your desire to re-enact your favorite part of the CFNM story with me. Let’s see if you’ll come up with an ending that brings a smile to my face.

Your CFNM Story Mistress, Harper

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A CFNM Story

by Mistress Harper | Cocktease Bootcamp

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