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There are so many ways to experience tease and denial torment — no matter how long I tease you, you will experience the profound sexual frustration that automatically comes with edging. You’re already beginning to feel the sensations as you listen to this tease audio, aren’t you? Remember, it’s all about the experience of stroking your cock for a long time!

How long will Mistress tease you?

Each person is different. For one person, slow edging for a short time is all you can stand and when you do get to cum your orgasm explodes! For someone else, the joy is in finding exciting new ways to masturbate. Each person gets personal, individualized attention. That’s what makes cock control so much fun for both of us.

Constant edging and full balls

On our call, I will give you stroking instructions to do until our next session. Tease and denial edging makes your balls full and aching for Mistress. You will think about having an orgasm but you will not cum. In fact, you will not cum until you have permission to cum.

Why is tease and denial fun?

You know tease and delay is hot. Having full, aching balls serves as a constant reminder of just how aroused you are for your Mistress. Here’s what one stroke pet says,

“As I am approaching two weeks without release and constant edging my testicles are heavy and full of hot semen and sperm. Their weight makes them hang low and swing and bang into my thighs as I walk, a heavy burden and constant reminder of my lust, need and the superiority women wield over me.”
I love that he has a constant reminder of his Mistress. Do YOU have a constant reminder of the Woman In Charge of your life?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


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