There’s a special art to masturbation, and sadly, most males just haven’t mastered it. That’s why I’m bringing you a sample of my Stroking Instructions.

The capital letters are warranted, I assure you, as my Stroking Instructions are a cut above and very special. I’ve made a 800 601 7259 Stroking Instructionsstudy of masturbation, cocks, and sexual arousal, and worked all this together into a sort of formula that is guaranteed to bring you amazing results. Remember, as with all highly addictive things, the first sample is free…

I want you to get ready for your Stroking Instructions by stripping down totally nude.

Erotic masturbation should be a full body event! None of this just pulling your dick out and whacking off bullshit, oh no. Take off everything, from socks to shirt, and bare your entire body. Yes, this may mean you’ll have to set up a heater in the winter or a fan in the summer, but this experience is worth the extra effort. Once you’re nude, get comfortable. I want you reclined, but not totally flat, on your back. Your legs should be bent slightly, your head supported by pillows, and you should be able to easily reach that cock without stretching, strain, or noticeable effort.

Now that you’re in position, the Stroking Instructions are as follows:

With a dry palm, rub across the cock, downward towards the toes. Cup your fingers under the entire package, to the balls. Gently roll both cock and balls in the palm and fingers, allowing arousal to build slowly. Roll in a clockwise, and then counter-clockwise direction, reversing direction frequently. Use your fingers and thumb to encourage the cock to harden, tracing the veins and texture with the tips of your fingers. As the cock reaches full hardness, allow the slow realization to build that you desperately need to share this experience. Reach for your phone, and call your Mistress, so that she can continue to give you detailed Cock Stroking Instructions.



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