Can You Tease A Small Cock?

Listen to Ms LillySometimes, I get a call from a guy with a really small penis, and I wonder if I tell them to stroke it, will they even be able to? I’m talking about a real pindick here- something 2 or 3 inches long. Obviously you can wrap your whole hand around it and pound that pud – it’d disappear! What do you do with a small penis when your Mistress tells you to stroke?

Have To Shorten Our Swing

With a nub there between your legs, you just won’t be able to take long, full strokes. They’ll be short, jerky motions – guess that’s why they call it jerking off, huh? Instead of getting a good grip on that hard, throbbing cock, you’ll need to just pinch it in between your thumb and forefinger. Rub up and down that tiny shaft – but do it very slowly. Do you know what I consider very slowly – a 3-second stroke. Your fingers are just going to be crawling along that cock, not much distance to cover!

Choppy Strokes

You can stroke faster and faster for me, until your hand is just a blur. I find with tiny men, it’s very important to make sure not to push them too close to the edge – there’s just so little space between their balls and the head of their cock, that if I don’t stop that edge at just the right time – they’ll go over much easier than a man with a real big cock. Then, I just have to ruin it. You, my pindicked friend have it tough enough in life without having me ruin your orgasm, don’t you?

Listen to Ms Lilly

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