Food Fun With Goddess Hannah

There are lots of naughty ways to have fun with food and today we’re going to explore the banana. I know what you’re probably thinking but you’re wrong! Your naughty mind is probably thinking I’m going to make you insert the long, hard, thick banana somewhere but I’m not going to do that to you today (if you need to practice cock sucking on it feel free to do so). If you decide to practice cock sucking you might want a little lesson ๐Ÿ™‚

Teasing TemptressOkay back to the banana – you will need a banana that is starting to turn brown on the outside (nice and mushy). Once you have your banana you will have to fantasize about me standing in the room with you making you take your clothes off for me. I’ll be walking around you, inspecting you, you might even feel a finger gently glide across your body at some point – sending chills down your spine and creating a direct line to your cock making it so very hard for me.

I continue parading around in front of you in my short little skirt and sky high heels making your cock twitch. When I turn around I hand you the banana and you look at me puzzled – I have a naughty smirk on my face. I have you peel the banana and take the peel and place it over your hard cock. You can still feel the warm, soft bits of the banana that is still attached.

Now I want you to fuck the banana peel – how does it feel? Mmmmm feels sooooo good! Getting closer? Do you want to cum?


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