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Masturbation Mistress Delia

I am Mistress Delia, and I am a cocktease. I love showing how much better I am than you, teasing you until you beg to do anything for me, if I’ll just let you cum…just this once. We know it won’t be just this once though, don’t we? You are a slave to your desire to shoot that load, and I use those desires to my fullest advantage.

There are so many ways to cocktease you. I’ll make you strip so I can see just what effect I’m having on a vulnerable stripped man. Will you ever get to see my naked body? I doubt it, but I might give you a flash now and then. The lacy tops of my thigh highs. My wonderful deep cleavage. You can watch me as I rub my hands all over my bountiful breasts, while I deny you the ability to touch yourself, to satisfy the desires building within your pathetically small cock.

We can always be direct about it. I can just take you in hand and start stroking your prick, ever so slowly, coaxing drops of pre-cum from the head. I’ll bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over again, as you beg pitifully for release, while I just say, “No.” Maybe, after I’ve tired of your begging, I’ll allow you that release, but I doubt it. It’s much more fun for me to ruin your orgasm, and just watch that cum dribble out. It’s even more fun to just deny you and slap a chastity cage on you, then send you on your way. I am an extreme cocktease after all.

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