Ms MelanieI’m an Italian girl, so tease and mafia go together for me like a thick wooden paddle on your butt! However, I digress … that’s for a different place and time.

Here is a game you can play on a cold winter night when your significant other is already asleep in bed or too warm and cozy at their own house to bother coming over to yours. It’s called Stroke a Snake and has two endings, a happy one and a frustrating one!

First, Get Naked

You have to remove all your clothing to play this game right. So take it off, all of it, even your socks. And then tie a sock around the base of your balls. Stretch out on the couch with some lube and a towel, and get ready to play.

Next, Squirt Three Drops of Lube

I want you to put a drop of lube on your balls, right in the center of them, another drop in the middle of your shaft, and another drop right at your tip. You might think you know where this is going, but believe me, you do not. Put the lube down and take one finger, just one! and rub those three drops into your balls and cock. Just those three drops, no more, even if your cock is ohhhh so dry. Just as a snake sheds it’s skin, you will be shedding yours if you go outside of game rules.

Lay There and Ponder

You probably think the next step is to stroke that cock, right? Nooooo. How boring would that be. You stroke that cock enough, it needs a break! Instead, I want you to lay there, naked, with little drops of oil rubbed into your cock, and think about how life would be if you could never ever touch it again.

And Finally…

Are you frustrated yet? The name of this game is, after all, Stroke a Snake, so stroking has to come into it sometime, right? What if I told you no, nope, not at all. You touched that cock as much as you will for this game when you rubbed three drops of lube into it. Awwwww, what’s the matter? You want to stroke it some more? Then tell me this: what do a snake’s skin and a Princess’s fingernail have in common? Hmmmm? Post the answer over at my blog and I will unlock the rest of this assignment, just for you *snicker* If not, well, noooo strokie for you!

We Italian Princesses are crafty, eh? 🙂

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