Get ready to enter into some intensely erotic masturbation with me! I am going to have you whimpering for release…pleading for mercy. But you will have to come back and listen to the audio below to find out how this ends. I want you to put on a television station that has lots of commercials. You know, one of those that has at least 4 breaks per hour.

Grab your lube, sit down, and get comfortable. Have your cock lubed up and ready to go. But NO touching until the commercial break starts. Then you are to stroke your cock by cupping your hand over the end and using all of your fingers to pull your cock. If you get close to the edge, switch to stroking with just one finger tip… up and down your shaft gently…slowly. UNDER the rim only.

When you calm down, go back to the pulling stroke. After the commercial break ends…you STOP touching completely. Clasp your hands together and put them behind your neck. Less tempting to touch that way. Repeat this cycle for a minimum of one hour. When your show, or movie, or game is over…come back to this site and listen to my audio below to find out how I plan for you to finish this sexy stroking game with me!

~ Ms Violet

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