Hello Boys!

So as all of you know, I love tease and denial. Some of my tease and denial sessions are legendary. Let me tell you, I had one of my guys last for a full week of torture! And I’m not talking a few days during that week. It was a full seven day intense experience! That was so much fun. You see, I love pushing people’s limits. Let’s say you can only last for an hour. Then I guarantee you I can make you go two!

So what makes some hot cockteasing phone sex?

Well first of all, you need to prepare. Some guys think you should jerk off before you start so that you can last longer, but I say no. First of all, that’s like cheating! And secondly, that’s going to get you more revved up and make your cock more sensitive to your touch.

Second, you need to be able to follow all of my commands. Yes, even if I tell you not to touch your cock for hours, you had better be able to do it. That’s how you master cock control. I have a special club filled with guys who are good at controlling their urges. Think you could be one of them?

Of course, if you don’t do everything I say I might have to give you a ruined orgasm to teach you a lesson. I’m very, very good at those.

In fact, I want to test your determination right now. Think you can follow my commands without hearing my voice?

First I want you to strip naked and get comfortable. Start stroking for me please. I want you to get yourself revved up. Whichever way gets you harder the fastest, do it. Once you have a nice, hard cock, I want you to stop stroking.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Picture me in your mind. Hear my voice in your ears, whispering softly to you. And then reach down and begin stroking once more. Push yourself closer and closer to the edge. You can feel the orgasm coming, surging through your veins. One or two more strokes and you are there, in utter bliss.

And just as you get there, to the very edge of your orgasm before you tumble into nothingness, stop stroking please. Will yourself to calm down and get dressed. Do not touch that cock and do not allow yourself to orgasm.

We will finish this up when you call me. Better do it soon or there will be a lineup

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