Well you know its time for a hot and sexy fashion show just for you! *snickers* Don’t worry honey it wont hurt a bit, just a little tightening in the area down below. Get ready and enjoy part of your training, the part where you have to sit in that chair with your hands tied behind your back. Spreading your legs far and wide. Enjoying a beautiful view, that’s right me in all my beautiful lingerie and sexy outfits. How far can you go?

I start in a very short skirt and a pretty pink silky blouse, yes those are my hard nipples you see through my silky sheer blouse. I get down to my very luscious panties and bra, silky and smooth thigh high’s and tight garter belt. You want to touch but you cant, you want to rub but you cant. Standing between your legs I shimmy back and forth all you can feel is my smooth legs against your bare skin. Seeing a bulge in your boxers I lean in and let your nose touch my bare shoulder. Taking a deep breath in you take all of my scent in, my legs move up and down your thigh, rubbing so close to your stiffness. You squirm in your seat and try and move your leg’s, but you can’t. I pull away and walk away giving you an awesome view of my skirt sliding down my legs. I hear you moan, mmmmmm, sounds of pleasure to me. How much cock teasing can you take? Well I’m sure we are going to find out, I cant wait.

Whew luckily it’s only a teasing session, or not so lucky. Seeing how much you can take is my mission, are you up for that mission if so listen below then call if you dare.

Cocktease sessions with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975