Hello my pet.  Do you think you have earned the right to cum today?  I sincerely doubt it.  First you must realize that the piece of cock in your hand is no longer yours.  Are we clear?  That’s right stroker boy, that cock is MINE.   Aww..are you wanting to play with it?  Is it hard?  I know right now you’d love to stroke that dick.  I may let you stroke it, but it’s debatable whether you have earned the right to cum.

I want you to take one hand and grab your balls.  That’s right.  Massage them…squeeze them…wake them up.  I want you to take the other hand start at the base of MY cock and squeeze it.  Not so soft that you barely feel it, and not too hard where you feel pain.  That’s right, and then slowly run your hand up the shaft of that cock squeezing it as you reach the head.  I know you can feel it getting harder with each stroke.  Feels good, eh?  Keep stroking that cock in a slow steady motion, up and down…up and down.  Keep rubbing your balls at the same time squeezing them tighter as your hand runs up that cock.  Can you feel that cum building up in your balls?  With each squeeze you feel your balls getting tighter and tighter.  You start to feel them want to burst.  You notice you have some pre-cum seeping out the head of your cock.  You run your finger over it, tasting it and continuing to stroke MY cock.  Keep it in a stead motion up and down…up and down.  You start to speed up the motion and feel the cum starting to rise from  your balls.  You want to cum so badly.

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