This is your tanned and leggy Princess from the valley. It’s time for your tease session, and I hope you stroke it good. I’ll deny orgasm if you dont . Now you do want to cum for me dont you?

Focus on my long french manicured fingernails and imagine them lightly grazing up and down your cock. First I will use all five, then I will use four, then three, and so on, until I get to my pinky finger. That pinky finger will focus on the tip of that cock, swirling all of that precum . Just imagine that, can you? Then close your eyes and do it, imagining you have my hands and nails on that cock.

Now I want you to carefully heat up some lube being careful not to get it too hot, then pour that lube in an already lubricated condom. Close those eyes and imagine that soft sweet pussy of mine clutching that hard on of yours. No you will not cum in that pussy, Im simply teasing you with a few long strokes. Good boy!

Now with eyes closed, twist that hard cock in a tight fist imagining you at my feet on your knees, my long toes enjoying your mouth. I love to hear you beg for more of my pussy, I love denying you that pussy so much too. Now stroke harder and harder. Stop. Im going to file my thumb nail. After it’s filed, I tell you to stroke again. I’m going to file all of my nails. The last nail will determine…will you cum for me???

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