Do you know what a Prop Mistress is? Theatrically I mean. Allow me to educate you on one of my youthful passions- the world of backstage theatre. From make-up design and application, all the way to hanging fernel lights from the catwalks- as a 20- something, I did it all.

Yes precious, even some time treading upon the boards. that’s a story for another day.

Today’s subject is PROPS. A specialty of the trade that in movies is known as set decorations, it was the skill I most enjoyed honing. I suppose it is because it requires attention to detail and a long – and sometimes hysterical – shopping list. Finding a moose head on Long Island is no easy task!

Why you may be asking, am I sharing this stroll down Memory Lane? Well strokers, it occurred to me the other day, when I had one of you office wankers on the line, that those long ago talents, still serve me well.

How so?

Open the right hand draw of your office desk.

Watch, as I lay 2 unsharpened pencils and a handful of rubber bands in front of you. Now a ruler, plain sheet of paper and a bottle of Wite-Out- Go on shake it. Has it still got something in it? Excellent.

Now go check the door. Locked is it, baby? More like Locked & Loaded I think. I know you keep looking at the growing pile on your blotter and wonder what the Prop Mistress has in mind.

Go on sit back down, drop those perfectly tailored trousers and click the banner when you got it good and hard.

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