Welcome wankers! I know you’ve had a busy holiday season stroking your bone… probably so much your wrist is sore. Tonight, I’d like to make your cock really throb! I want you to get some lubricant and wrap your fingers around your fuck stick. Squeeze it tight right at the base until you feel all that blood rushing in and inflating it. Smack it against your hand a bit, then twist your fingers up and down the length of it. Trace every vein with your fingers. Take your hand off now and use one finger to caress the underside of the head. Gently rub the tip while imagining me watching.

Now, I want you to caress your nut sack. Cup your balls, roll them in your hand, bounce them and think of all that hot cum flowing around in there aching to be released. You want to touch your cock, don’t you? You want to stroke hard and fast like you always do until your pulsating prick erupts in a lustful frenzy. You won’t be doing that just yet, but who knows? Maybe today’s your lucky day… or maybe not! But that doesn’t matter just yet. You’ll be stroking my way now. Take some lube and drizzle it on the tip. Use your fingers to coat your cock, then grip it at the base again.

Slowly, slowly, stroke up and down, twisting your fingers. Make sure you cover every inch on it, don’t ignore a single spot. When you twist your fingers to the tip, make sure to bring your thumb up over the head. Rub your thumb back and forth over it, then glide those stroking fingers back down to the base. Stroke slowly like this for a count of 30. If you feel yourself becoming too close to orgasm, pause, cup your balls. When you’re feeling a little less frenzied begin again, continue your strokes. At the end of 30, stroke it hard and fast, pumping it up and down for a ten count. Repeat the process 5 times or until you can’t take it anymore.

Aching, pulsing, throbbing, ready to explode? That’s my decision, now isn’t it. Click the audio link below to discover my answer to the burning question, “Mistress, May I Cum?”.

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