Hello stroker fanatics!

Cock Commander Mistress Ashley here to drive both you and that cock crazy today! What I would like you to do to prepare for todays session is get your lube and favourite tease magazine. It could be a Victoria Secrets catalogue or Frederick’s of Hollywood those are both fine. The stipulation today is is NO NUDITY !!! This is a strict cock tease session therefore no nudie pictures, understand me grunt? Excellent! Now I want you to slip out of your clothes and lube up! You will need one hand lube free as not to dirty up those pretty pictures so be cautious of that at all times! Now I want you to open up the magazine and find the sexy model with the best legs. Imagine her before you now and give her the best five minutes of stroking time that you can. Edge for her at least once, showing her how much you appreciate the beauty and strength in her legs! Next I want you to pick out the model with the hottest bra and panty set. Pay homage to her feminine curves by long full strokes tip to base. By this time I am sure you can achieve at least three edges, she is so worthy and you do want to make me proud of you, so do it! Today is your lucky day jack off, put the magazine down now! The final portion of the session today will be with cock commanding officer yours truly. Surprise! In I walk looking only as I can, in black leather boots, leopard print panties and bra. Quit drooling allover yourself you twit and start impressing me now. Give me ten minutes of your best stroke or five edges whichever comes first. Once these orders have been carried out click below for my message to you. Dismissed!

Cockteasing sessions with Mistress Ashley 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Callas are $1.99 per minute