Hello again my little grunts. Are you standing at attention? You know that your “soldier” should be standing tall right now don’t you? Reach down and rub the helmet for me. Use your thumbs and massage small circles all around it. Mmmm thats right, just like that. Now do that for 30 seconds at a nice steady pace. Feels amazing doesn’t it? Increase the speed of those circles for me. You heard me correctly, FASTER. Double time! Now another 30 seconds. You can do it! Just to torment you a bit more I want you to increase the pressure you are massaging that head with. I bet you’re really squirming now aren’t you? I think you need to do this for another 90 seconds. Remember no stroking yet. Only rubbing and massaging.

Now lets pay attention to that shaft for a few minutes. Take just the tips of your fingers and very lightly run them up and down the sides of that cock. Don’t actually wrap your hand around it, this is all about teasing.
Now hold your fingers still and rock your hips back and forth against the tips of your fingers. How badly do you want to grip it and stroke like crazy? I thought as much so go ahead, grip it nice and tight and stroke it as fast as you can for a full 60 seconds, but dont cum! Is today going to be your lucky day? Am I going to grant you that permission freely or am I going to make you beg me for it? Only one way to find out….. Click below to see what I have to say.

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