You boys ready for a cock work out from your Mistress Sarah?  You will be warming up that cock for me soon.  First you will strip completely naked for me.  I’m going to make you work hard today.

The items you will need is a glass of ice with at least 5 to 6 ice cubes.

Stroke your cock nice and slow for me for 3 minutes.  Get your cock good and hard for me.  Visualize I’m sitting in my chair like a Queen.  I have an evil smile on my face.  You are privlaged to be stroking for me.  Did I say you could sit down or stand up for this?  No!  Please kneel before me while you adore me and stroke your cock.  That’s right.  Stroke it for those 3 minutes for me.

Grab an ice cube now and rub it all over your cock head first.  Feel it melting and trinkle down the sides of your erect penis.  It feels so good.  Oh yes you want more don’t you.  Start rubbing it all over the sides.  The ice is melting as you work your way down to the scrotum.  Then rub it all over your balls.  The coldness will prepare you for what’s next.

Ready to stroke again.  Flip your wrist over and with your fingers pointed down.  Make sure to stick the fore finger out so you can reach down and rub the size of your cock with each stroke. Get a momentum going.  Grab your scrotum with your other hand.  Keep stroking up and down.  Play with your balls as you jack it off.  Do this until you edge.  Do not cum though.

Rub ice on your cock and balls again.  See how many ice cubes you grabbed.  You owe me 5 edges now.

Stroke it again to edge.  Flip your wrist over the same way you did before. Keep repeating this process until you reach those five edges.  I will not accept anything less.

So, tell me how horny this makes you looking up at me.  Your Queen that you adore is watching you masturbate.  So masturbate for me.  How badly do you wish to cum?  Think about all of these things as you repeat the same guided masturbation instructions up until the 5th edge.

Now listen to the audio and find out your fate.  Will Mistress Sarah let you cum?

Guided masturbation sessions with Ms. Sarah 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute