Hi there strokers…I know you already have that cock in hand don’t you?  Well I’m not ready for that quite yet.  I want your eyes on your computer screen taking in the seductive smile on my face.  Yes little stroker, now you may get that tube of lube, I do so like it when you make that cock slick and wet for me. Now lube it up VERY generously and wrap those fingers nice and tightly around that shaft for me.

Now we are going to start with a set of slow strokes working all the way up and down that cock. Close your eyes and picture me in front of you, those sleek sculpted legs crossed with precision…the silk stockings sliding gracefully against each other. You want to see more don’t you little stroker…you crave seeing what is between those crossed legs, don’t you?

I uncross those legs, my skirt rising further up my thighs.  Are you trying to take a peek little stroker? *giggles*  Now faster with those strokes, as I part my legs so you can take a glimpse at the red lace of my thong panties.

What dirty thoughts are crowding your mind little stroker, can you handle more of my temptuous teasing?  Now faster…I want 5 fast strokes and 10 slow strokes, repeating this rhythm for 20 sets. I believe it is time for more lube now stroker, we are on the home stretch *giggles*

Lube it up very slick, let those fingers glide up and down freely now.  I want you to continue to increase the pace until you don’t think you can handle it anymore and click below to seal your fate…

Guided Masturbation with Empress Mallory 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

$1.99 per minute