Cock Tease Supreme Miss Ashley is in the house! This is my first post here so I am looking forward to teasing that cock over and over again! I bought a new outfit yesterday and lucky you, you will be the first to see it! It includes pastel pink bikini panties, matching push up, strapless bra. The skirt is black and pleated with pink leather belt. The bra is so lovely I will not cover it up. My legs are bare today and my pretty feet are adorned with black lace up sandels. My make-up is flawless my lips are painted pink with gloss hi-liting the drenched look effect. Tell me stroker boy are you ready to play? Well good, go ahead and grab that lube or oil and lets get that cock nice and slippery. While you are doing that I am going to parade around in front of you shaking my ass back and forth. I see you are bone prone already you wanker! Lol I love the effect I have on you and I am relentless now. Give me 20 full fisted slow strokes. I lean over you to maximize the effect and power this bra is barely containing within. Now get both hands on that cock private and give me 40 methodically slow and even strokes. Pre-cum already? You know what to do with that so clean up your mess now! You may have 5 minutes of stroke time using what you consider to be your favourite stroke. Now we are going to do one of my favourites and that is the 2 fisted double jack. Try this for 5 minutes stopping at each edge you get to and tally them. Upon completion of this stroke click below to hear my message to you.

For a cockteasing session with Ms Ashley call 800-601-6975