Hi Strokers!

I am going to tell you what to do so that you can have, hmmmm shall we say a chilling experience! ~giggle~  I want you to have lots of lube close by and a bowl of ice, it can be cubes or crushed, I would think crush to give the best effect and no, they are not going into any private holes ~giggle~

Get comfortable, put the large bowl of ice close to you on a table or desk, just out of the way for now.  Get your cock lubed.  I want you to stroke as you usually do, what ever feels the best for you and do so until you are edging, keep the feeling for a minute or how ever long you can edge, don’t cum, stop before you do.  Rest 5 minutes.  Then start again.  Do this 3 times but when you feel like you are going to cum  the thrid time I want you click below and see what that ice is for, see if you do get to cum ~giggle~

Stroke Princess,
~ 888-210-0436~