I invented a game called “Ace
Stroke ‘Em”.   This requires you to get a deck of
playing cards if you don’t have one.

You will go through the whole deck of cards in one
single setting.  Here’s how you play:

Draw 2 cards.  Place them side by side.  Add the
total up. This is the number of strokes you are

A King = 30 strokes
A Queen = 25 strokes
A Jack = 15 strokes

If you draw an Ace with another card, say, you draw
any Ace card and then a 2 – you must edge 2 times.
If you draw  an Ace with a King – well you are SO
screwed, and you will have to edge 30 times.

But – do not cum.

However you stroke at this point is up to you.

Good luck!

Even after all that stroking and edging – should I let you cum, if you haven’t already by now? 😉

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