So here you are waiting for some instructions, wanting to touch your cock and hopefully getting to shoot your load. Well stroker boy get your lube, pull down your pants, get comfortable and let’s begin. Put some lube in your hand and rub it all over your cock. Don’t stroke just rub it all over your cock. After you have got it all over your cock, I want you to take your index finger and rub just the head of your cock, rub it all around. How does that feel. Relax and enjoy this sensation. Take your cock in your hand and begin to stroke. Stroke only the shaft for a total of 100 strokes. If you get close you must stop, gain control, and then continue with where you left off. Is your cock throbbing? Is it dancing? Oh, I know it is! Let’s give some attention to the head of your cock, I want you to wrap your hand just around the head and give it twenty strokes, after you have done the twenty, I want you to turn your hand back and forth, giving the head a nice squeeze. You may now stroke your cock. Stroke it for the next 5 minutes and then see what your fate is!

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