Alright strokers, who’s ready for a guided masturbation session with a little light CBT added for extra measure?  All you need is a shoelace, a ball point pen and a nice firm grip for jerking.

First, I want you to wrap that shoelace all the way around your cock and balls.  That’s right; hook that lace snugly beneath your balls and then tie it up nice and firm above the shaft of your cock.  Nice job!  It looks like an early birthday present for your beloved Mistress, Claire.  Okay, now lube up that cock and get to stroking!  Start out nice and slow and then increase your speed gradually.  Do this for ten solid minutes, pulling your hand away every time you feel yourself edge.

When ten minutes is up, reach down further between your legs and feel how much tighter and more swollen those balls can get while bound.  Now, pick up that ball point pen, place the tip against your inflated balls and slowly write the words ‘Mistress Claire’ across them.  Well look at that!  Now your balls literally have my name on them.

Now it’s back to that cock.  Get a nice, firm grip and continue to stroke.  Once again, slow at first and then gradually faster.  As per my instructions earlier, beat your meat for ten more minutes, stopping only to prevent your cock from exploding.  When your ten minutes is up…


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