Ok stroker boys. I know all of your horny lil jackoff boys are just raring to go, so lets have a little strokefest today, with me in control. That’s right, I will be your Masturbatrix today.
I want you to start by completely covering that cock in lube. Make it nice and slippery, shiny and wet. Wet cocks are so much easier to stroke, aren’t they? Once you have lubed it up, you will take your thumb and first 2 fingers, and begin to stroke. Take your free hand and begin to gently massage your balls, as they slowly begin to swell, tighten, and fill up with cum. You are too stroke slowly for the first 10 minutes, then you may stroke any way you like, until you bring yourself to the edge. I want you to dance along the edge for me, tease that rock hard cock as you stare at my picture. Fondle those balls that are getting so tight now. Then STOP! Get yourself under control. I didn’t say you could cum yet, now did I? NO I DID NOT. Do you have control of yourself now? Good stroker boy. Now begin all over again. I want you to continue on, repeating this pattern, until you have edged 10 times. I don’t care how much that cock is aching, throbbing, BEGGING for release. Or that your balls are so full of cum, and so swollen and tight now that that feel as if they are going to explode………..you will continue, and when you have edged the full 10 times, click on the banner, and find out what I have decided to do with that rock hard cock of yours.
Have fun , strokers, and you had better not slip up!!

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