Fire and Ice mandy.jpg

Things Needed:

Large oversized plastic bowl or bucket



Wintergreen Tic Tac

* optional a picture of your ass on ice, your dick at a attention, and a package of winter green tic tacs send to

Get the bowl of ice and the tic tacs, and prepare to get naked, strip slowly, rubbing your dick up against your underwear then giving your skin a nice squeeze and a rake of the fingernails for me. Continue to stroke for 2 minutes gliding your palms up agains the head then at the end of 2 minutes, remove your underwear, stand over the bowl then plant your ass on the ice, be sure to maintain your balance and keep your balls on the outside of the bowl. Stroke your balls with your palm then squeeze them up against the plastic bowl.

Pop a tic tack in your mouth and get out the lube and shine up the tip of your cock right at the urthera, take the tic tacout of your mouth and put slightly into the tip of your cock. Don’t jam,force or push it in, making sure that one end of
the tic tac is visable at all times.

With your index and your thumb slipping around the length of your cock,while your three remaining fingers are just brushing at the top.Start push forward with your pelvis with soft easy strokes. Be sure Sit up straight then begin stroking faster while your other hand presses right between where your cock ends and your ball start. Keep stroking like this until you have edged 2 times.

When you are finished with the second edge, slip your cock inbetween your hands and start rubbing your dick inbetween, rub fast and furious heating up that cock of yours then return back here grasshopper for final instructions.

The TeaseBoss,


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