Masturbating To Dry Balls

Orgasm without ejaculation is something some men strive for. This technique for dry ejaculation masturbation needs practice and determination, and lots of stroking trial and error. However, we need a quick lesson first. Remember, never cheat yourself out of a potentially explosive orgasm! I want to make sure this feels amazing!

Dry Balls

Are your balls ever really full? Nope! Sperm sure is made in the testicles, but it is only 2% to 5% of the fluid for ejaculate. The rest of the fluid is made mostly in the seminal vesicles and prostate gland. The seminal vesicles make up 70% of the ejaculate fluid, and the prostate gland makes about 25% of it. The other 5% is made by the sperm from the testicles and the Bulbourethral glands that make up some mucus that lubes the cock head. See, you feel smarter now right?

Using the Science to Dry Ball Masturbate

Still though, just saying “Dry Balls” sounds really fun! And you really can get to lower, minimal, or even no ejaculate volume because after the body does make this stuff quickly! So we have to be smart and sciency!

Dry Balling Technique

This technique takes a bit of time, so plan for that. Let me guide your masturbation for this dry orgasm experience! You must stroke with the intention of not having an orgasm for a while. You want to edge a lot, and note the edges that have lots of fluid. This is what we want! You can also ruin your own orgasms several times in a row. Abandoning the orgasms is the best technique here. Again, the goal is to get lots of leaking and fluid out of your edges and ruined orgasms. To abandon your orgasm, build to the point of no return, and then let go! Let any fluids leak, drop or pour out.

Trying for a Dry Orgasm

When you think enough fluid has leaked out of your cock, go ahead and go over the edge. The goal again is for little to no ejaculate to come out during your orgasm. Remember, if too much fluid comes out, you will have to repeat this technique until you can orgasm dry!

How did it feel? Some say this technique increases orgasmic intensity. Beg for Ms. Delia know how your dry balls experiment went and what results you got!


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