Just a tease is all you get!

Hmmmm….are you wondering how you managed to get yourself into this predicament, where you’re naked and I’m not?

To you, it probably seems like I have a super power capable of confusing you and getting you to do my bidding. Unfortunately, I don’t have a super power; you have an anti-power. Can you guess what your anti-power is? Yes, it is your weakness for beautiful women and your need to do as they command. It was easy to get you out of your clothes while I kept mine on. Did you think I’d have to take off my clothes once you took yours off? Well, that’s fair, I suppose. I would take them off IF I were playing fair. You’ve probably guessed by now I’m not playing fair; You’ve been tricked into being naked.

Oh, too bad! I’m sure you were hoping I’d let you see my supple naked body and at least let you touch me a little!

Instead, there you sit on my sofa. By now you’ve cooled down enough to try and hide your hard on. Are you surprised I am enjoying embarrassing you as much as I am? Oh, I assure you: this is so. much. fun. I come over and sit beside you. I slide my fingers up the inside of your thigh, and you tremble. You involuntarily spread your legs–as if I were going to touch that quivering lump of need between them! No, your erection is not MY problem, but I will allow (demand) that you take care of it yourself. Right in front of me. Yep, that’s right. I want you to masturbate while I watch.

I undo a few buttons on my blouse to encourage you. That one glimpse of my swollen soft breast is all you get–but you cum on your lap anyway!

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