I love to mess with a masturbation orgasm by throwing in a countdown at the end. However, my flavor of countdown is not timed predictably, so you’ll need to be at least a little bit skilled at riding the edge. If not, your grand finale will be either ruined for cumming before time is up or denied because you failed to cum in a timely manner.

Let the Cum Countdown Begin

Of course I don’t just say 10 – 9 – 8 – etc at erratic intervals. That would be boring for both of us! Here’s a taste of what a Cum Countdown might sound like on a call with me:
TEN — If your balls aren’t high and tight by now, you’d better be working extra hard or you’ll miss out!

NINE — Pump that cock like you mean it, you might be just seconds away from permission!

EIGHT — Don’t get too crazy with all that jerking. If you tip over the edge, you have to take your hands off and ruin that orgasm for me!

SEVEN — ……..

SIX — Halfway there, do you think you’ll make it in time? Not that I care, but your cock might!

FIVE — You’ve been waiting all day to be teased and permitted to cum, and you’re so close. You wouldn’t want to mess up now would you? Remember, if you pass the point of no return, you have to RUIN it for me and then EAT IT.

You didn’t think I’d take you all the way to the end, did you? I mean, what kind of tease do you think I am? (Hint: a GREAT one!). There is only one way to find out if you can make it to the end, and I’m quite certain you know what that is.

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