Foot Worship

My foot is so much longer than your dick! I thought I would get that fact out of the way. Now then. I hope you do well on your knees, crawling on the floor, and have a toe sucking tongue. These are the essentials to foot worshipping my size eight pedis. Do you know what it is like being a foot worship bottom feeder slave? Chances are you do. You gravitated to these feet like a bee to honey. There is so much I can do with these feet. These talented feet are expert in face slapping and light trampling with the bare foot. I know just where to get you, and my toes find tickle spots between your bony little ribs. You know my little meanie trick of tying my feet to your face while I read my e-mails.

My Feet are Your Treat

Tonight I am in a mood to put you in bondage at the foot of my bed and “massage” your face with my feet while wearing my sweaty gym socks. This is my kinky mood fun. I know you dream of a sexy foot job with my feet stroking your cock. It’s not going to happen. The most you will get is a foot job with my foot going in and out of your mouth and my phone recording your actions. Yes, of course that footage goes all the way to my besties’ phones. My feet are your treat, and don’t forget to tend to those shoes, bottom feeder!  

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