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You Belong To Me!

A Cocktease Mistress knows how to use your desire and your arousal to remake you into the ideal submissive.

Of course you’ve become frustrated trying to serve a Mistress using your own power. In order to become the man your Mistress intends you must give yourself over to her. Your resistance keeps you locked in the same routines always. Allow that resistance to melt away. It feels so good to let that resistance melt away. You feel so much lighter and unencumbered as the resistance melts and vaporizes.

You know that anything is possible when all of the resistance is gone.

Let Mistress take control of your sexual desire. Your Mistress Piper knows what to do with the never ending need to satisfy yourself. Mistress Piper can turn it into something that serves you. Your desire is useful to help you become a better submissive for Mistress Piper. Mistress’ body excites you. Her long, smooth legs feel heavenly against your cheek. From where you are on your knees, her shapely, firm, pillowy ass invites you to rest upon it.

You want to let go and allow yourself to become enveloped in Mistress Piper’s beautiful ass. You can rest when you’re consumed by Mistress Piper.

Rest, my love. Rest and sleep. Your submission will be generously rewarded. This is part three of a six part mindfuck meditation series. Listen to the audio and feel yourself changing. Make sure you check my blog and catch part one: February Mindfuck Meditation Series: Taking It Up A Notch. Look for the other meditations scattered around Enchantrix Empire, or just return to my blog at the end of the month to experience them all.

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