Miss Rachel, Cockteasing and Cuckolding your Chastised Cock! 1-800-356-6169You know, by default I’ve come to think of both cuckolds and bulls as male. But that’s not the way it has to be, is it? I mean, a woman can be cuckolded, and in that case, she’s called a cuckquean. But what do you call it when a male is cuckolded by his wife with another woman?

Anyone know?

Anyway, this subject came to mind due to the inspiration of a GIF I saw on Twitter. A lithe, beautiful woman was receiving a naked, hot oil massage from another beautiful woman, who was stimulating both her clit and her g-spot. The image alone was delicious, and was added directly to My spank bank for later, more extensive “consideration”. Since the cock-teasing, controlling, and humiliation of males is always near the forefront of My mind, however, I began to further imagine that out of the frame of the image, there was a man, the husband of the woman receiving the sapphic body worship.

Not girl-girl porn for him to jerk to.

It wouldn’t do anything for Me if he were simply allowed to enjoy the spectacle; there are already enough opportunities for men to make women’s same-sex desires about them. But when I imagined the man in chastity, and that perhaps his wife was his key-holder, and that further, she got all of her sexual needs met in the special relationship she enjoyed with her massage therapist, well, now that would be hot.

But what if I was also your key-holder in that scenario, sharing that responsibility with your wife? The two of Us, joining forces to put you in your place, keep you teased and frustrated, control your orgasms, keep you monogamous, and yet keep your wife sexually satisfied?

I know just typing that out made My pussy wet!

Did it do anything for you? *mischievous smile*

This scenario inflames My situational bisexuality!

You’ve probably read before about the fact that I consider Myself only situationally bisexual; whether they are equals to Me (reserved for My boyfriend), submissives, dominant over other, lesser males, or sissies, My sexual fantasies are mostly populated by men. But the scenario described above is definitely among those that set My pussy hunger alight!

Would you like to hear a little tease-out of that scenario, as a means of teasing your cock? All the better if you’re actually in chastity. But you certainly should avoid masturbating while you listen. Just let your teased cock press against your fly and absorb the frustration. Builds character. *smirk*

If you can’t help yourself, and simply must masturbate, you certainly shouldn’t cum.

You have My permission to call Me afterwards and do some begging for release. If it pleases Me enough, I may just say yes!



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Miss Rachel, Cockteasing and Cuckolding your Chastised Cock!


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