cum eating, eat your own cum, eating your own cumThis is part five of my 6-part Mindfuck Meditation series February blog hop. This is a special series of masturbation trance audios designed to enhance your submission to me.

I know once you experience this meditation, you’ll need to devour the whole series. I have all the details about how to listen to all of them on my blog: Guided Meditation February Mindfuck. I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy part five, so here it is:

Mindfuck Meditation, Part 5:

Now that I understand that my penis is a drooling, bumbling, idiotic buffoon, I understand that my Mistress deserves better men than I am. I am a submissive, subservient man controlled by his penis. I will always be under my Mistress’ control.

When I look at Mistress Piper, I can’t help but notice her round, curvy body. Her firm pillowy ass makes my penis warm and tingly between my legs. I can only imagine what it would be like to feel her weight on my lap, her soft flesh pressing against my crotch. The wetness of her would feel so warm and inviting. Slippery. Delicious. Exciting.

I understand my penis belongs in my hand. I will only touch myself. I will masturbate for relief when I fantasize about my Mistress. Masturbation is all I deserve.

Mistress Piper’s lips are smooth and soft. Her hair is lightly scented. The back of her neck smells like something that can only be described as “her.” My Cocktease Mistress Piper is mysterious and alluring. Mistress Piper ignites my sexual desire and my emotional need.

My desire and my need make me want to serve Mistress Piper. My desire and need go unresolved. My cock gets hard, but Mistress Piper will never touch it. I will never know what it’s like to be satisfied by Mistress Piper.

I will forever hunger for Mistress Piper.


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