“Here, cocky cocky cocky. Come see Mistress Daphne. She has something naughty for you to do.”

Wouldn’t you love to have a lover say things like that to you? How could you get someone to control your dick in a relationship that does not sustain a Dominant/submissive role between the members?

Control Your Own Cock

I like to talk to guys and gals about playing an inner game with themselves. Namely, pretending to be being cock controlled, but knowing somewhere inside you really are leading the charge. One guy I have does this exquisitely. He makes himself ruin his orgasms no matter where his dick is cumming. In the shower? Ruined. In the car? Ruined. In the office chair? Ruined. Inside his wife? Ruined.

Could you do something like that to yourself? Have a contest with yourself seeing how many ruined orgasms you can have before you give in? Of course, it is MUCH easier with a Mistress directing you. I would so love to be the one to listen, or better yet, watch you ruin that orgasm… the first OR the thirtieth.

Go Mindfuck Yourself

Perhaps you could imagine yourself being in chastity. You might not be able to put an actual cock cage on your dick, but what about a red string? A not-too-tight rubber-band? Maybe even just take a magic marker and put a dot on the head of your cock to remind you of your less-than-dominant place in your life’s relationships. Finding a way to “Dominate Yourself” (if you will allow me to say it like that) can be an incredibly empowering move for a submissive male. You get to tap into that part of you that feels like having someone take control, yet there you are, the one taking control. Confusing? As with MOST things sexual, it is a head-fuck of enormous proportions. Enjoy the ride.


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