panty fetish, panty lover, pantiesSo You Want to Get In My Panties?

I see the way you stare at my panty drawer when it’s open. I also notice the way you grab at the growing bulge in your pants when I slip out of my panties and toss them into the clothes basket that’s waiting to be carried to the washer. I know you are lusting for that luscious, silky fabric where you know my pussy has at some point rested – but you’re not thinking of wearing them. No, for you it is not at all about feminization! You’re just a horny panty lover who wants to touch, sniff, and play with my pretty undergarments, aren’t you? Better take care not to get caught

Your Secret is No Secret at All

You like to think I am completely unaware of your burning panty lust and how you count down to the moment you’ll finally be alone, but I know that when I am away, the panty lover will play. Once alone, you want to be submissive to me via my pretty, soft, silky, beautiful panties, thinking I will be none the wiser. Has it ever occurred to you that I’ve sneaked in quietly and observed, as you hovered excitedly over my open panty drawer, taking great care to select just the right pair for your little stroke-a-thon? Did it ever cross your mind that I might have just hidden a panty-hound cam in my room, and it has been recording you as you rub my panties all over your face, getting harder and harder with each sniff? You really are clueless, aren’t you, panty lover?

The Jig is Up: Show and Tell!

Little do you know I am biding my time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to walk in on you, pretending to catch you in your little panty play worship ritual – and you better believe that’s just what I intend to do! By the way, don’t think for one second, panty lover, that I am going to let you off easy when I catch you. No no no… I am going to subject you to my irresistible form of domination, and you will love every single moment of it! When that day comes, you WILL continue your panty game and show me exactly what you do when you dive into my panty drawer and indulge in your panty fetish!

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